The XIXth Annual Meeting Indonesian Geographer Society


Nowadays, our world faces many problems concerning economic, political, social and cultural aspects which contribute to the environmental damages. The low economic growth followed by excessive exploitation of natural resources threatens the sustainability of local resources. Competitions among countries to exploit the natural resources also lead to conflicts which endanger the ecosystem. Moreover, the less controlled urban development and the expansion frequently marginalize the rural entities. In addition, there are fundamental problems related to human relationship with the environment that increasingly destruct our world.

A number of organization for collaboration have been established to strengthen the synergy of elements in human’s life within regions or countries. Unfortunately, the efforts were found less effective due to some obstacles such as lack of commitment to implement the agreements, limited resources of developing countries to address environmental degradation, etc. If this situation is released, the quality of the physical and social environment will decrease. Therefore, the contribution of diverse scientific fields necessary to provide a solution to the problems.

Geography is study of the geosphere phenomenon spatially. This study focuses on the inter-relationships between people and their environment, the interaction of culture with environment, and the diversity of natural and cultural resources on the surface of the earth. Furthermore, this study tries to explain where a phenomenon is discovered, why the phenomenon exists, and how the phenomenon changes and develops. Therefore, the study of geography concentrates on understanding the existence of phenomena and further provides the solutions to the current problems and the future. The geographers consistently contribute their knowledge to deal with the issues. In 2016, for example, two important international meetings were conducted in Singapore by the South East Asean Association (SEAGA), and in Beijing by the International Geograph Union (IGU).

Concerning the issues, in 2016, the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Geographers Association (IGI) will be held in Malang, East Java province of Indonesia. This meeting will take a theme “Strengthening Sinergy for Our Future World”. The event embraces three interesting events; international seminar, field trip, and exhibitions.


  1. Enhancing ideas of geographic roles in increasing environmental harmony, synergy region which is more productive, and using technology and devices for geography and geographical education.
  2. Developing perspectives of the geographical education in improving students and teachers competence globally.