About UM

On October 18, 1954, Prof. Mr. Muhammad Yamin, the former Minister of Education and Culture, officially inaugurated PerguruanTinggiPendidikan Guru (PTPG Malang), or Teacher Education College. The historical event marked the genesis of the present-day State University of Malang (UM), one of the oldest universities in Indonesia. The nascent institution started with 5 departments that housed 127 students and 37 lecturers.

The founding of another university in East Java, Unair (UniversitasAirlangga) on November 10, 1954, brought about some important consequences to the status of PTPG Malang. Since then, PTPG Malang merged with Unair and became one of the university’s four faculties. It was not until four years later that the status change was officially declared, whereby, PTPG Malang became Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Airlangga University (FakultasKeguruandanIlmuPendidikan, FKIP Unair). In 1963, FKIP Unair was converted into an independent institution, namely Institute of Teacher and Training and Education (Institut Keguruandan Ilmu Pendidikan Malang, or better known as IKIP Malang).

The year 1999 marked yet another important change to the institution’s status, where IKIP Malang obtained a greater mandate and was transformed into UniversitasNegeri Malang, UM. Presently, UM has eight faculties and one Post Graduate: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Sport Science, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Educational Psychology, and Post Graduate.