Key Topics for:

Strengthening Synergy for Our Future World

Key Topics

  1. Physical Geography
    • Strengthening sustainable management of environmental and natural resources

    • Strengthening sustainable management of maritime and coastal resources

    • Bolstering watershed management sytems to enrich its functions for the equity of sustainable development

    • Ensuring the sustainability of water resource and improving water sanitation

    • Responding to global climate change and its impacts through local actions for dimminishing the accelarating factors of land degradation and biodeiversity loss

    • Other topic related to Physical Geography

  2. Human Geography
    • Strengthening Sustainable Development and Cultural Divesity Through Spatial Planning Urban-Rural Development

    • Promoting Inclusion, Equity, And Social Justice

    • Implementation and Revitalization Of Global Parnership For Sustainable Development

    • Minimizing Backwash Effects for Strengthening Rural Urban Incage

    • Boosting Integration of Spatial Development and Reducing Spatial Disparities And Social Segregations

    • Synergy to Develop Sustainable Tourism

    • Synergy to Development of Population-Based

    • Strengthening Geohistory for Sustainable Development

    • Other topic related to Human Geography and Spatial Planning

  3. Remote Sensing and GIS
    • Strengthening Role of RS and GIS for Sustainable Development

    • Remote Sensing Technology for Biodiversity and Forestry Monitoring

    • Applied Remote Sensing and GIS for Population and Health

    • Applied Remote Sensing for Fisheries and Maritime

    • Applied Remote Sensing for Geology, Geomorphology, and Soil

    • Applied Remote Sensing for Surface Water and Groundwater Potential Mapping

    • Enhancing Role RS and GIS in Disaster Risk Management and Reduction

    • Artificial Geo Intelligence to Maintain the Green Environment

    • Technology Innovation of Geospatial Data Acquisition to Develop Geo database

    • Other topic related to Remote Sensing and GIS

  4. Disaster Management
    • Strengthening Prevention, Prepadness, and Mitigation in Disaster Risk Reduction

    • Empowering Community Participation in Disaster Management

    • Role of Ecosystem in Disaster Risk Reduction

    • Promote Modeling for Disaster Risk Management and Disaster Risk Reduction

    • Other topic related to Disaster Management

  5. Geography Education
    • Making geography education more effective in Secondary and higher education

    • Thematic topic in geography related to education for textbooks, curriculum and teaching materials

    • Geography curriculum development and implementation

    • Quality teaching of geography from secondary to university level

    • Learning-teaching strategies in geography

    • Roles of technology in learning and teaching geography education (ICT, Remote Sensing, GIS and etc)

    • Measurement and assessment of the learning process and results in geography education

    • Pre-service and in-service education and employment of geography teachers

    • Postgraduate geography education

    • Specialization and career in geography education

    • Changing roles of partners in geography education (teacher, administrator, inspector and family, etc)

    • Effective learning methods and techniques of geography from secondary to upper university level

    • Fieldwork and geography education

    • Environmental education

    • The future of geography education

    • Curricular studies in geography education

    • Media and technologies in geography education

    • Disaster Education

    • Other topic related to Geography Education